It may be Time to RESET!

Here is an amazing weight loss story with USANA'a RESET Program by Danielle Reedy Raine. The USANA RESET Program honestly changed my life. I've lost 81lbs. total, and with the help of this program, have finally been able to take my life back! It's not only helped me lose weight, but more importantly, it's helped me learn … Continue reading It may be Time to RESET!

The Importance of Vitamin D

Say goodbye to feeling blue this winter and get that sunny, summer feeling all season long. In addition to the vitamin D already found in the Essentials, this vitamin D supplement is available on its own and will help you maintain good health through the cold winter months! Because our bodies use sunlight to make vitamin D, … Continue reading The Importance of Vitamin D

Flu-Free Winter Without A Flu Shot

I thought I'd pass on an interesting article from a blog called DreamHealter at 7 Steps to A Flu-Free Winter Without Relying On A Flu Shot By: Dr. Frank Lipman   While it’s become popular in the last decade to rely on vaccines to protect us from the flu, there are a number of problems with this … Continue reading Flu-Free Winter Without A Flu Shot

The Real Pandemic is Here Now!

Personally, I am tired of reading  press reports about a global pandemic! Has there been a concern about SARS, HIV/AIDS, avian flu, and now Ebola? Yes! But we are facing a far greater threat than all of these diseases put together. There is a lot of news about how our good health depends on global … Continue reading The Real Pandemic is Here Now!