The Real Pandemic is Here Now!


Personally, I am tired of reading  press reports about a global pandemic!

Has there been a concern about SARS, HIV/AIDS, avian flu, and now Ebola?


But we are facing a far greater threat than all of these diseases put together.

There is a lot of news about how our good health depends on global co-operation. But I notice something is usually missing. All of the diseases usually mentioned, including Malaria, Tuberculosis and Polio are infectious diseases. But often, there is never any mention of the real epidemic that is here now – Cancer and Heart Disease.

The leading cause of premature deaths today are not infectious diseases, but Chronic Degenerative Diseases including not only Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease, but Stroke, Type 2 Diabetes, and Respiratory Disease. Also Obesity, Arthritis, Asthma, Alzheimer’s, Osteoporosis, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, ADD, Crohn’s, and MS are the reality of many people today.

And if you think an infectious pandemic is a coming threat, it will be nothing compared to the coming economic tsunami created by aging baby boomers, who will flood our health care system with a pandemic of Chronic Degenerative Disease.

What is interesting is that these Chronic Degenerative Diseases are often life style based, man made, preventable diseases. The causes are not a mystery. They are known, preventable, treatable, and often reversible.

Yet all you will hear from the media is fear mongering. And all you will hear from our Medical (“sick care”) system is elusive cures, genetics, pharmaceutical funded studies, invasive surgery and chemical medication dependency for life.

The known answers are ignored, suppressed and mocked as quackery.

Our first line of defense for any type of disease is a strong immune system. If the cells of our body are healthy, strong and protected, there’s a good chance you will not be a statistic in an infectious pandemic or of Chronic Degenerative Disease.

Our critical problem today is that most people have a compromised immune system.

Lack of proper nutrition is a key issue here. We are an overfed but under nourished society. Isn’t it interesting how careful we are about the oil we put in our car, but we’ll shovel anything into our mouth? The food industry with many of their deceptive practices must share the blame. Not only do they put things into our food that shouldn’t be there, but they take things out that should be there (Highly recommended is the movie “Food Matters.”) There is a depletion of nutrients in our food supply. Therefore we must supplement a healthy diet with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Lack of exercise is also an alarming problem. Because of poor food choices and a sedentary lifestyle, we now have more overweight people than normal weight for the first time in history. Overweight and Obesity cascade into many Chronic Degenerative Diseases. There is a very predictable future for our overweight youth. If you have no time to exercise today, you’ll have plenty of time for disease tomorrow.

Finally we must mention practicing avoidance of toxicity whenever possible. This includes excess sun exposure, electro magnetic radiation from microwaves and all our mobile technology, cigarette smoke, excess stress, and excess alcohol. This list is almost endless.

We have so fouled our nest, and cannot completely avoid toxic exposure. We have created tens of thousands of toxic chemicals since the Second World War. Most of these are known carcinogens. We live in a very toxic chemical soup of our own making. They are in our carpets, our clothes, our cosmetics, our cars, our medicine cabinets, our food supply. They are everywhere!

Our children or our children’s children will ask “What were they thinking?” when they read in the history books how we drank tap water loaded with toxic chemicals, poured untreated sewage into our rivers and harbours, drove SUV’s polluting our environment, and breathed in toxic chemicals we put on our pretty lawns.

Isn’t it interesting that we are still driving the same internal combustion engine that Henry Ford developed more than a century ago, even though we have put people on the moon? Make no mistake, whether it’s the food industry, the chemical industry, the oil conglomerates or the pharmaceutical giants, it’s all about money! And you will pay in more ways than one!

What we need is a global initiative on prevention and taking personal responsibility for our lifestyle choices. We have to realize that we live in a global community and our irresponsible personal choices impacts others. We cannot expect governments to save us from our stupidity. But governments must do much more to clean up the food industry, the chemical industry and many other areas within their jurisdiction to create a more livable, breathable environment.

Both collectively and on a personal level, we must do this, before it’s too late.

Be Well.
Ken Waite

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