Sochi Winter Olympics Medal Count

Well the Sochi Winter Olympics are over and it's a wrap. Team USANA ended the 2014 Games with an impressive 30 medals. Russia made a statement and surpassed us on the last day of competition, but second place overall is pretty darn good! Why do we get excited about this? This is why I am … Continue reading Sochi Winter Olympics Medal Count

5 lifestyle changes to avoid Dementia

My brother-in-law is just a few years older than me. He has just been diagnosed with dementia. I have friends who are showing early signs of dementia. This is something that deeply concerns me, and I pay a lot of attention to. Below is an amazing article that reveals 5 simple lifestyle changes to lower … Continue reading 5 lifestyle changes to avoid Dementia

Choosing Optimal Health

I want to pass on this great article from my friend and mentor, Rosie Bank.  Enjoy! Choosing Optimal Health by Rosie Bank Today I was giving a speech entitled It Pays to Be Healthy to a group of professionals and entrepreneurs. The point of my talk was to make our health a priority. As entrepreneurs, our … Continue reading Choosing Optimal Health

Heart Health

February is Heart Health month. What have you done for your heart today? Learn more about how to keep your heart healthy. Click the link to view a larger version of this USANA infographic: Also, here is a great article on "3 Things your Heart Wants from You". Be Well Ken Waite