7 Essentials of Optimal Health

Here are the 7 Essentials for maintaining Optimal health 1. Plenty of clear, clean water "Every time you drink water today, give thanks to having unlimited access to clean, fresh and safe drinking water. Think about how you are nourishing the cells in your body with every glass you drink."  ~ Julie Boyer 2. Exercise … Continue reading 7 Essentials of Optimal Health

My Macular Degeneration

I had my eyes checked recently. Because I have a bit of Macular Degeneration happening in my right eye, I get it checked every 6 months. I am happy to report that there has been no change since January 2009. It was discovered in October 2007, but it wasn't until 2009 that I doubled my … Continue reading My Macular Degeneration

Rev Up with Rev3

 My wife is a counselor. Listening to people's problems can be tiring, especially after lunch, when that mid afternoon sleepiness hits you.  For this reason, she insists we  have a supply of Rev3 on hand.  Rev3 is USANA's healthy alternative to energy drinks, a product loaded with nutrition that keeps you going without the typical … Continue reading Rev Up with Rev3

Take the True Health Assessment

Here is a very cool tool I recommend you try. It's USANA Health Sciences' True Health Assessment. Many people are confused about specifically what nutritional products best suit their specific health needs. USANA has eliminated the guess work, as few have the nutritional expertise to know what to take in what often becomes a smorgasbord approach … Continue reading Take the True Health Assessment