Take the True Health Assessment


Here is a very cool tool I recommend you try. It’s USANA Health Sciences’ True Health Assessment. Many people are confused about specifically what nutritional products best suit their specific health needs. USANA has eliminated the guess work, as few have the nutritional expertise to know what to take in what often becomes a smorgasbord approach to nutrition.

In the last few months, I have had an old friend suffer a stroke, and a new friend die of a sudden heart attack. We also just lost a very dear friend, to cancer. There is nothing that makes you assess your own health, when friends and loved ones struggle with health issues.The link below takes you to this amazing health assessment. It takes about 12-15 minutes, asking you a series of questions about  your family health history, as well as your personal lifestyle choices like diet and exercise. For example it asks you your BMI, number of mercury fillings, how many times you wash your hands, the stress in your life, and the kind of water you drink.

After you finish the assessment, the website will email you three assessment reports, which include a risk report, a lifestyle report as well as nutritional recommendations to fit your personal needs. The first two reports are confidential and not shared with anyone, including me, so go ahead and be honest with your answers, as you want as accurate a report as possible.

To give you an idea how cool this Health Assessment really is, here is a short YouTube video that further explains it.

All right!  Are you ready to try it?  Here is the link.

Have fun. And if you have any concerns or questions about your reports, please contact meTrue Health AssessmentBe Well

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