7 Essentials of Optimal Health

Here are the 7 Essentials for maintaining Optimal health

1. Plenty of clear, clean water!cid_6104F9EE50B142DF974879E4E159F3DA@kw44e0183dc696
“Every time you drink water today, give thanks to having unlimited access to clean, fresh and safe drinking water. Think about how you are nourishing the cells in your body with every glass you drink.”  ~ Julie Boyer

2. Exercise and movement

Research shows that exercise not only helps with cancer prevention, it also helps with improving the prognosis of those already diagnosed with cancer, as well as with boosting the life expectancy of cancer survivors.


3. Restorative sleep

Fact or Fiction: More Sleep Means More Productivity?


5. Weight control

Find out here, how weight management contributes to a healthy heart.


6. Toxin avoidance

Avoid toxic chemicals whenever possible.
Here is a great short video called “Wear Gloves.”

This video was made to help promote the most recent book written by USANA Health Sciences founder, Dr. Myron Wentz, called. The Healthy Home.I recommend a copy of “The Healthy Home”   http://www.myhealthyhome.com.

7. Quality supplements

Based on the latest cutting-edge research, USANA’s Essentials are not only, well, essential, they’re the best nutritional supplements on the market. Find out why.

Be Well

Ken Waite

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