Ten tips for Healthier Living.

On the lighter side this week.  🙂 Ten tips for healthier living. 1.Stay out of trouble. 2. Aim for greater heights. 3. Stay focused on your job. 4. Exercise to maintain good health.. 5. Practice team work. 6. Rely on your trusted partner to watch your back. 7. Save for rainy days. 8.. Rest and … Continue reading Ten tips for Healthier Living.

10 Hunger-Slaying Super Foods

Whether you’re getting ready to begin the RESET™ weight-management program or you’re just making small changes to create a healthier lifestyle, appetite control is key. There is an obesity epidemic, and a large part of the problem is excessive snacking on unhealthy food between meals, creating almost instant cravings for more unhealthy food. So how … Continue reading 10 Hunger-Slaying Super Foods

Do not take nutritional supplements

The following is a GREAT article by my USANA friend and mentor, Rosie Bank. Read it and Reap!! Do not take nutritional supplements As a Health Coach, and as one who has been endorsing nutritional supplements to my clients for over a decade, I hope I got your attention with the title above. Add to … Continue reading Do not take nutritional supplements

The Secret to Happiness!

Gratitude! Could this be the secret to happiness? Dr. Martin Seligman has done extensive research on happiness, and has found that more than anything else, cultivating a sense of gratitude, can increase well-being and lower depression. Dr. Seligman suggests a couple of exercises. I have been doing the “Three Blessings” exercise and have found it … Continue reading The Secret to Happiness!