10 Hunger-Slaying Super Foods

Whether you’re getting ready to begin the RESET™ weight-management program or you’re just making small changes to create a healthier lifestyle, appetite control is key. There is an obesity epidemic, and a large part of the problem is excessive snacking on unhealthy food between meals, creating almost instant cravings for more unhealthy food. So how do you control your hunger and manage your body weight without eating more?

Our top 10 food picks are listed below. They were chosen not only for their abilities to control hunger, but for their duel efforts as well, since each of them offer some amazing health benefits. And while this is a comprehensive list of our favorite foods for kicking hunger to the curb, a full explanation of the health benefits of each food is available on my product partner’s blog, What’s Up, USANA?

Oatmeal has one of the highest ______ rankings of any food. Do you know what it is?
Beans, beans, the fiber-filled food…How many grams of fiber should YOU be consuming each day? The answer may surprise you.
3.Red Grapes
Do you know when red grapes are in season in North America?
Remember, all fish is NOT created equal. Which kinds should you be eating?
You may be surprised to learn which country produces the most apples in the world…
A study shows that eggs are typically more satisfying than THIS typical breakfast food.
What are the health differences between walnuts, almonds, and Brazilian nuts?
For best results, make sure your yogurt contains THIS.
Are avocados a vegetable or a fruit?
Do you know how many flavonoids are found in kale? Probably not…

This fast-paced life is stressful enough without adding the pitfalls that come from eating unhealthy food. Snack smart between meals by drinking a meal replacement shake, like USANA’s  Nutrimeal™ and adding these low-glycemic super foods to your diet. Give your body every advantage possible. You deserve it!

Go to What’s Up, USANA? for details and more information about what makes each of these super foods so incredible.


Be Well

Ken Waite

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