RESET your Body

Summer is here! Diets don't work! Break the Carb addiction. RESET the metabolism of your body. Learn more about USANA's RESET weight management program in this short video. Want more detailed info? We are seeing a lot of demand for RESET this Spring, and people are experiencing amazing results. If you would like … Continue reading RESET your Body


How to eliminate toxins for creating optimal health

  Toxins in our bodies represent a burden to our cells... ...the very building blocks that make up every single function in our bodies. Imagine a jar filled with packed dirt. If you pour water into the jar, some of the dirt is so dense, the water will not get into the dirt, but will … Continue reading How to eliminate toxins for creating optimal health

A Cool Tool – the True Health Assessment

The company I have partnered with for 18 years, USANA Health Sciences in on a quest to become the #1 Personalized Nutrition company in the world. To that end, they have developed a very cool tool I recommend you try. It's called the "True Health Assessment." Many people are confused about specifically what nutritional products … Continue reading A Cool Tool – the True Health Assessment

The Good Mood Diet

What follows is a great article on what we have been saying for years with our product partner,  USANA Healh Sciences - Break the high glycemic carb addiction, and learn to eat low glycemic complex carbs, for a more balanced blood sugar level that is life enhancing, with the natural side effect of "releasing fat." … Continue reading The Good Mood Diet

Bikini ready and Fed Up

  This week there are two things I'd like to share. First up is international bikini model and USANA fitness expert Nancy Drew, who shares some tips to make getting ready for swimsuit season easy and fun. This is for the ladies...........and the men who love them. 🙂 Then there is a new … Continue reading Bikini ready and Fed Up