Cellular Exercise

This weeks topic is about one of my favourite things to do. I do it 4 times a week, along with cardio and weight lifting.


It is called “Rebounding!”
Many years ago, I learned a little known secret about this super exercise. It’s also a lot of fun.
While ordering some parts online for my rebounder today, I came across this amazing article on “Cellular Exercise.”
Read…………and …………..Reap!

by Brian L. Schwager, C.M.R.

Science has long proven that aging and disease occur at the cellular level.

As far back as the early 1800’s scientific research indicated the importance of a clean cellular environment in the fight against illness. French Physiologist, Claude Bernard, believed it was the cellular environment or what he referred to as the “milieu interior environment” that needed to be clean in order to promote health and prevent illness. This “biological terrain” or “cellular environment” inside the body consists of 70% water and the brain is up to 80% water. This fluid plays an important role in the cells function. These fluid rich environments, the arterial blood and lymphatic systems, both represent biological terrains. Both of these systems represent an important aspect to the health and well-being of the human body. These two systems need to be clean of pollutants and other cellular waste that can cause illness. The arterial blood system is very important, as it provides us with all the living matter we need to survive.

Then there is the much ignored and misunderstood lymphatic system, this network of vessels and lymph nodes that runs throughout the body, transports lymph fluid, eliminates toxins, and helps keep the cellular environment clean. It is the sewage system of the entire body. The lymphatic system is responsible for the removal of toxins, and other cellular waste products of the body that need to be removed. This will have an affect on every cell and organ in the body. The lymphatic system is where some of the immune cells function. If this system gets overly polluted and toxic, it can make it is very difficult on the immune system. This in turn leaves the body more susceptible to what I refer to as “health challenges” (diseases/illnesses).

Claude Bernard also suggested that, “disease was a by-product of imbalance in the interior environment.” The cellular environment needs to remain free of excess pollution or toxicity; if it does not the cells begin to lose their function. As cells lose their function, they gradually succumb to health challenges. “There is only one disease: malfunctioning cells.”

There are over 70-trillion cells in the body and they all have specific functions. Some of their functions include tissue rebuilding, cellular defense to illness, oxygen & water utilization and transportation. There are immune cells that constantly defend our bodies against foreign invaders and cells that rebuild tissue. “Our bodies produce more than 10 million new cells every second, as we constantly rebuild our tissues. How healthy are each of these new cells? If we replace sick cells with sick cells, we will never recover.”

When the cells of the body are not functioning at their best, the results are health challenges. It is very important that the cellular environment stay as clean as possible so it can properly nourish each cell. It has been said that the cellular environment or biological terrain can be compared to that of a fish aquarium. Like an aquarium, the inside of the body is mostly water and like an aquarium, it is vitally important that the water remains clean, oxygenated, and has food available.

Fish must have a clean environment in which to live healthfully, so like the fish swimming in their clean and healthy aquarium, your cells swim in their cellular environments and like an aquarium, the fluid needs to be clean, oxygenated, and have food available for the cells. What would happen to the fish in an aquarium if the water became toxic, low in oxygen, and you did not give them any food?

I think you know what would happen.

With that in mind, if your cellular environment becomes overly polluted the cells begin to lose their functional ability to do what they are suppose to do. Remember each cell has a specific function; muscles, tendons, bones, and nerves cells will all start to lose their functionality. Now think of how many functions of the body your cells are in control of; this would be devastating to the life of your body.

Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Alexis Correl states, “The secret to life is to feed and nourish the cells and let them flush their waste and toxins. If this does not happen, the cells will die of their own waste products.”

Dr. Alexis Correl, like Physiologist Claude Bernard and other physicians have shown repeatedly that the cellular environment should be our primary focus in reducing the chances of health challenges.

Amazingly, there is an exercise that actually assists in not only cleaning the cellular environment, in addition, it will strengthen every cell in the body; it is called “Cellular Exercise,” or what has been commonly referred to as “Rebounding.”

What is Cellular Exercise and how does it work?

Cellular exercise and the cellular exercise unit better known as rebounding, rebound exercise and the rebounder have been around for nearly 50-years. The cellular exercise unit looks like one of those toy mini trampolines, but unlike the toy and foreign made imitators, the cellular exercise unit I refer to in this article is more therapeutic and made with quality and safety in mind. I refer to rebounding as a cellular exercise because that is what it does; it exercises every cell in the body.

What makes this a cellular exercise?

There are a number of reasons, lets look at each one briefly.

1. Gravity

Are you aware that the common denominator to all exercise is gravity? Think of it this way, when you perform an exercise such as a push-up your body is working against gravity. Alternatively, when you lift free weights, you are moving the resistance against gravity. When you subject muscles to both gravity and resistance, the muscles in turn, get stronger. What are all muscles made of? Cells, these cells get stronger because gravity and resistance affect each cell. This change in environment, as it were, causes each cell to react by getting stronger. Cell by cell each one develops individual strength and this in turn affects the whole body. When you challenge your muscles against resistance, or a change of environment, each cell will adapt to this stimuli by getting stronger.

It was around the early 1900’s when Albert Einstein brought about a new theory of gravity; he found that the human body could not tell the difference between the forces of acceleration, deceleration, and gravity. Einstein also discovered that acceleration and deceleration are two individual forces in and of themselves, and when combined with the constant force of gravity in its vertical plane they create G-Forces on the body. G-Forces are constant forces brought on by the gravitational pull of the earth. For example, when you stand on a scale to check your body weight, you are in fact really checking the amount of G-Forces in pounds that are pulling your body towards the center of the earth. When you cellular exercise, you are taking your body’s weight (resistance) and moving up and down in a vertical plane. Using the force of acceleration (↑), deceleration (↓) and gravity (↓) in the same plane as gravity makes this the only type of exercise that has this cellular effect on the body. From this standpoint, you are building strength to the muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves and bones with every bounce.

2. Oxygen

“NASA has discovered it to be about 68% more efficient than running or jogging.” Cellular exercise is an efficient way of improving the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Past scientific evidence has reported that jumping for ten minutes is equivalent to approximately thirty minutes of skiing and that jumping rope for ten minutes is as effective in conditioning the body as thirty minutes of fast jogging. Bouncing on the cellular exercise unit is actually safer on the joints and more aerobically efficient than jumping rope on a hard surface. Cellular exercise enhances aerobic capacity by allowing more oxygen to be processed by the lungs, while functioning the heart muscles (which is made up of cells) to grow stronger and pump more blood with each stroke.

What you get from this efficient form of exercise is a decreased resting heart rate which equates to the heart working less while at rest and that equals a longer lasting heart. The efficient utilization of oxygen makes cellular exercise an excellent and efficient means of burning fat for fuel. Cellular exercise affects every cell in the body and has a direct effect on the amount of oxygen that gets into the cell.

“Lack of cellular oxygen supply is probably the most common cause of cell injury and may also be the ultimate mechanism to injury.”

3. Immunity

Out of the over 70-trillion cells in the body, 7-trillion are immune specific. The immune system makes up 1% of the body. The immune system is our natural defense system, defending our bodies against foreign invaders such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, colds & flu and cancer. The immune system can identify, remember, attacks, and destroy illness-causing invaders and infected cells The National Institute of Health has states that, “the immune system provides one of the body’s main defenses against cancer.” It has been shown scientifically that exercise boost the immune function of the body.

4. Lymphatic

Often overlooked, as an essential component of the immune function, however, is the lymphatic system. Some of the immune cells are located in both the blood and lymphatic fluids. The lymphatic system is a network of vessels and lymph nodes that runs throughout the body, transporting lymph fluid and eliminating toxins. The lymphatic system has an effect on every cell and organ of the body; the lymphatic system is the terrain in which the immune system functions. As I mentioned in the beginning of this article, Physiologist Claude Bernard has discovered that the “milieu interior – the interior environment”, needed to be clean in order to promote health and prevent illness. The lymphatic system is the “interior environment” or terrain that needs to remain clean in order for the immune cells to respond efficiently and effectively. The health of the lymphatic system plays a very important role in the prevention of illness. The challenge is that the lymphatic system does not have a pump. The heart pumps the blood, but the lymph fluid needs a self-pumping action in order for this system to flush out toxins and eliminate waste products that cause illness; it requires movement, gravity and massage. Cellular exercise does supply all three for anyone interested in moving waste products out of their cells and out of their body. Keeping the lymph fluid recycled this way helps sustain a cleaner cellular environment, making it easier for oxygen, nutrients and water to get to the cell. As mentioned earlier, Dr. Alexis Correl suggests, “it is merely the fluid in which it floats that degenerates.”

Cellular exercise will enhance health and improve fitness from the inside out at the cellular level.

According to Mr. Albert E. Carter, an authority on the subject of rebounding and rebound exercise and author of the book entitled “The New Miracles of Rebound Exercise”, says it is, “the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised by man.”

Medical and naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, physical, occupational and massage therapists, nurses, athletic and personal trainers have all recommend cellular exercise to their patients or clients.

Here is how it works:

The person’s body weight is all that is needed to provide resistance. Remember the common denominator to all exercise is gravity. Cellular exercise demands that the body work against gravity. As a person begins to move up (acceleration ↑) and down (deceleration ↓) in the same line as gravity (↓), the body cannot tell the difference between acceleration, deceleration and gravity. As these forces comes together (↓↑↓) they produce what Albert Einstein called, G-Forces. These G-Forces have an incredible effect on the body. When you stand on the cellular exercise unit, you have a constant G-Force of the body’s weight. When you begin even the slightest movement, upward (acceleration) changes begin to occur at the cellular level. At the top of the movement, the body is actually weightless for a millisecond, and then as you come down (deceleration) and combine that with the constant force of gravity, these combined forces change and are greater at the bottom of the bounce. The amount of G-Force would depend on how much movement is created and how much resistance (body weight) is being used. As you move up and down on the unit, you are creating G-Forces; these G-Forces are putting demands on every cell. Strengthening the cells one by one with every bounce. The amount of G-Force is dependent on the body weight and the height at which a person bounces. This low impact exercise is an excellent way to enhance the muscle, tendon, and bone strength. The cellular exercise unit is not a toy and is not designed to spring the body into the air like a trampoline; however, the bounces are varied depending on the goal in mind.

Varying populations can utilize cellular exercise: small children, adolescents, adults and even the elderly can enjoy cellular exercise.

From the physically challenged to world-class professional athletes, all can benefit from this amazing exercise.The effects are amazing to say the least, NASA discovered that the loss of bone and muscle mass were prevalent while the astronauts were in space and subject to zero gravity. Scientific blood analysis of returning astronauts showed weakened blood cells, they took these astronauts and subjected them to increased G-Forces and showed an increase in cellular strength. These same G-Forces are produced on the cellular exercise unit. It helps to build muscle, tendons, ligaments, bones, and enhance the over 70 trillion cells in the body. The up and down motion creates G-Forces with every bounce and will effectively enhance many systems of the body. Two of the systems affected and enhanced with cellular exercise are the immune and lymphatic systems. Remember the lymphatic system does not have a pump; cellular exercising creates the alternating weightlessness and the use of gravity, which in turn produces a pumping action. It literally pumps your lymph fluid. The use of gravity and deceleration at the bottom of the bounce assists the action of pumping the lymph fluid by forcing a series of one-way valves that are located within the lymphatic vessels to open and move the waste through the series of lymphatic vessels. This will allow the lymph fluid to flow efficiently through the vessels until it reaches its final destination where it is eliminated. Cellular exercise offers optimal drainage of the lymph.

The vertical stacking of forces acceleration, deceleration, and gravity creates one of the best and most efficient ways to detoxify and at the same time strengthen the body. This will enhance the health of the body, reducing the susceptibility to health challenges and will create a healthy aging process. After all, aging and health challenges occur at the cellular level. What cellular exercise does is clean the interior environment by efficiently pumping the lymphatic fluid. As Claude Bernard suggests, “Disease was a by-product of imbalance of the interior environment.”

Why would Cellular Exercise be important today?

Today, nearly 65% of Americans are overweight and from 1980 through 2003, the number of Americans with Diabetes more than doubled. Osteoporosis, fibromyagia and arthritis are also on the rise. The risk factors and diagnoses of cancer and cardiovascular disease are still climbing at a staggering rate. The overall incidence of these mentioned health challenges are growing at such a rapid pace that it is not so much a health care crisis, which people suffer from, as it is a sick care crisis. These health challenges are having an impact on the aging process; a dirty cellular environment will accelerate the body’s aging process. The common theme between all health challenges is… “a weak immune system and a polluted cellular environment.”

It is also a well-known fact that aging and disease (health challenges) occur at the cellular level. With that being said, the time could not be better then now to start enhancing health at the cellular level. When starting a health & fitness program certainly it makes sense to start at the cellular level. Think of it this way; muscles, bones, tendons, and organs are all made of cells. Cellular degeneration is a by-product of all the health challenges mentioned. Each cell depends on water, oxygen, nutrients and a clean cellular environment to survive. This enhances the longevity of the cells, which, in turn, affects the cells ability to perform their tasks. When your cells and the fluids in which they float are healthy, you are healthy. These environments need to be clean and healthy, if not; the cells begin to lose their ability to perform efficiently. When this happens, it is setting up an environment for health challenges to prosper. Remember the aquarium analogy; the water must be healthy for the fish to be healthy. This is also true for the cells that float in a fluid rich environment. By enhancing the longevity of the cells, you are in turn enhancing the longevity of the person. Cellular exercise aids in “Healthy Aging.” With all the talk about anti-aging and other programs that will extend the youth of the body I want to say that this exercise will not turn back the clock per say, it will however slow it down. The aging process of the body is natural, but what we have done to the cellular environment over time has accelerated the aging process. Skin tone and other factors that people concern themselves with are all part of the cellular structure of the body.

When we keep the cellular environment clean & oxygenated, and nourish the cells the foods, the cellular structure will stay more youthful.

With 78 million baby boomers reaching an age where they feel their youth slipping away or feel themselves succumbing to the health challenges, their interest lies on staying more youthful both by appearance and by activity. Baby boomers are at an age that increases the focus on health concerns. They want to feel good and stay active. They have witnessed first hand that the alternative to staying healthy is both costly and painful. They are not going to go quietly into orthopedic shoes and rocking chairs. They are going to find a way to maintain their health and live a more active life.

Aging is normal, but you will accelerate the effects by being deconditioned and toxic.

Remember what we are discussing in this article is cellular exercise aids in disease prevention and healthy aging. Each cell plays an important role.

However, its performance is depended on the cells health and the environment in which it floats. Taking care of the skin (youthful appearance), muscles (staying strong and active), nerves (keeping the lines of communication open) and bones (preventing bone loss).What we have here is a whole body exercise that harnesses the effects of gravity, unlike any other exercise or exercise equipment. It will enhance health while improving fitness from the inside out at the cellular level. The benefits of cellular exercise are still being discovered.


*Note from Ken

I have been rebounding since the day I stopped jumping rope in the 70’s. Jumping rope has a similar cellular effect as rebounders, but is much harder on the joints. I have used cheap rebounders. They have a hard bounce and are basically toy rebounders, called mini trampolines. They are probably better than nothing, but when I discoverd Needak, there was no going back.
Needak is used by USANA’s founder, Dr. Myron Wentz at his Sanoviv Medical Institute. Also the writer of this article, Brian Schwager, recommends Needak.
You can learn all about Needak and purchase one at http://www.needak.ca/.

Be Well.

Ken Waite

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