Changing Health Trends


“The nutritional supplements industry, which includes vitamins, minerals
and supplements, is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.
The segment produced $32 billion in revenue in 2012 and is projected
to double by 2021, according to the Nutritional Businesses Journal.

“While a decade ago, the nutritional supplement demand was largely
limited to “muscle‐heads and weekend warriors,” now it’s seeing more
mainstream appeal within the overall population.”
– The Direct Selling Association

As you know, I have been promoting a healthy lifestyle in general,
and the need for nutritional supplements in particular for 18 years.
When I made a career change and joined USANA Health Sciences,
it was a difficult grind.

Back in those days, if you took nutritional supplements, you were a
“health quack” or a “nutrition nut.” When I talked about the necessity
of supplementing a healthy diet with vitamins and minerals, people
looked at me like I had joined the “Flat Earth Society.”

Today, all of that has changed. Today, two out of three Canadians
take nutritional supplements. They do this because they are more
educated. Although USANA was one of the early pioneers, today
the truth is out there everywhere that you cannot get all the nutrition
you need to achieve optiomal health through our compromised food

Today, I no longer have to spend a lot of time convincing people
that they need to supplement. Instead I spend my time educating
people on the USANA difference. Often all it takes is the viewing
of a two minute video like this one.

I love what I do, because sometimes it changes people’s lives.Here is an example:

My hairstylist just about kissed me today. Lol… She has had horrible
psoriasis all over her body for years so only wears long sleeves and pants.
A couple months ago she slipped up her sleeve and showed me.
She looked like a burn victim; red, swollen, flaky. I got her started
on a basic nutritional regime and she is now wearing short sleeves
and shorts for the first time in forever! She’s THRILLED!
And telling everyone she knows. Lol… I love what I do!!!

When anyone sees the USANA difference, I then have them take the free
health assessment at the link below, and see if any health issues identified
in the “risk report” might be addressed with a customized personal nutritional regime.

Customization is the new approach to nutrition, because even though we all
have human cells that need a precise mix of nutrients, one size does not fit all.

Be Well.

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