The Dangers of Fluoride

Are you aware of the dangerous side effects of Fluoride?  Here are a few of them listed.


Although most European countries are Fluoride- free, many Canadian and American cities are not.

This is a great article on the top 10 dangers of Fluoride.

I first learned about Fluoride from USANA’s founder Dr. Myron Wentz.
He has written two books that mention the dangers of Fluoride.

“A Mouth full of Poison”

“The Healthy Home”

I have personally heard Dr Wentz lecture, showing the Periodic Table, that Fluoride should NEVER be put in the human body under any condition, it is that toxic.And what about your toothpaste? Check the fluoridated toothpaste tubes. They all say to call poison control if swallowed. They also say not to give to children under age six.

Now your dentist will be horrified if you choose a toothpaste without Fluoride. It’s all misinformation.We have had awesome reports from customers who use USANA Natural Whitening Toothpaste. Here is an example.

“Our dental hygienist raved about our sons teeth, how strong their enamel is, and what great shape their oral health is in. This is with no fluoride in our water as well as fluoride free toothpaste.” – Stephanie

For more information on USANA’s Natural Whitening Toothpaste,
Check here. 
Be Well

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