Joint Health


In case you missed it last Thursday, watch a two minute clip of The Dr. Oz Show featuring USANA’s Procosa® — a product that delivers vegetarian glucosamine to help maintain healthy cartilage and joints.


Also here is a testimony  from my son Kendall, how he has benefited from using the Procosa product.

“In the year 2011, I was training for a Triathlon and Iron man. I would swim 100 laps in 38minutes, circuit train, take cycling classes, and run 5x a week at 6am before work. I also had a passion playing basketball with my friends on a weekly basis. That summer, my knees started aching. The pain felt like a sharp knife just digging into my knee caps. I went to see a physiotherapist and I was told I have tendinitis in my knees and I was recommended not to continue training for Iron man. It was a hard summer, as I couldn’t play basketball, tennis, run, or swim. I had been taking USANA products that year, specifically the USANA HealthPak. But it wasn’t until my dad advised me to take Procosa, USANA’s groundbreaking joint health supplement with glucosamine and Meriva® curcumin that I noticed a difference. Although I was resistant at first, and thought I would never get better, over time with physio exercises and taking Procosa, my knees started to heal.

Today, thanks to Procosa, I play basketball, swim, and run and have absolutely no pain. I have coninued taking Procosa, and I am in the best shape of my life. I am currently training and taking Procosa, in preparation for Iron man in 2016. After hearing Dr Oz say, “Over 700 elite and Olympic athletes take USANA’s Procosa, and if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me.” I too can whole heartedly recommend Procosa to everyone, especially athletes.”

Be Well

Ken Waite

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