How to Ensure Picky Eaters Get Essential Nutrients

Here is the latest segment of Dr. Oz show where he gives tips on how to ensure children get essential nutrients even if they are picky eaters. This segment also contains a commercial and a promotion by Dr Oz of USANA's Children's nutritional product called  Usanimals. Usanimals are a great way to get your kids … Continue reading How to Ensure Picky Eaters Get Essential Nutrients

Nutrition for the Entire Family

Is your family getting the nutrition it needs to stay healthy? Dr. Mehmet Oz will be sharing his tips on the show on Tuesday! On the show, on March 24th, Dr. Oz will be featuring USANA's children's chewable product called Usanimals.  1. Usanimals feature advanced amounts of a broader spectrum of nutrients than most competitors’products. … Continue reading Nutrition for the Entire Family

Obesity, Diabetes and Glycemic Stress

In Canada, one out of every four people are diabetic or pre diabetic. And two out of every three Canadians are overweight or obese. We have a tsunami like wave coming that will devastate our health care system. And it's all so preventable. And while Canadian waists are expanding, so are fad diets. Canadians pay … Continue reading Obesity, Diabetes and Glycemic Stress

Blood Pressure and CoQ10

While Heart Health Month is over, it’s important to keep tabs on your ticker all throughout the year. It's always a great time to start getting in the habit of embracing good overall heart health. You probably know that blood pressure is one indicator of heart health. But do you really know what those numbers … Continue reading Blood Pressure and CoQ10