Nutrition for the Entire Family

Is your family getting the nutrition it needs to stay healthy?
Dr. Mehmet Oz will be sharing his tips on the show on Tuesday!11065933_978798258799381_2830059704010790580_n

On the show, on March 24th, Dr. Oz will be featuring
USANA’s children’s chewable product called Usanimals. untitled
1. Usanimals feature advanced amounts of a broader spectrum of nutrients than most competitors’products.

2. Chewable Usanimals have no artificial colors or sweeteners, and feature a natural wild-berry flavor that comes from a unique phytonutrient antioxidant blend.

3. USANA wants to make the USANA family the healthiest on earth. And that starts with providing high-quality products—like Usanimals, BiOmega™ Jr. (for children), Body Rox™ (for Teens), and Essentials™ (for adults) —to help support the health of our entire family.

My 6 year old grandson Caden, LOVES taking his Usanimals. He loves the animal shapes, and he loves the flavour.

IMG_1043 IMG_1044

Be Well

Ken Waite

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