Death by Prescription

We are in  the middle of a series of posts debunking the mythology and stigma around taking nutritional supplements. We have shown that supplementing a healthy diet is not only necessary to make up the nutritional gaps in our degraded food supply, but there is volumes of data showing that it effectively helps prevent chronic … Continue reading Death by Prescription

Do Nutritional Supplements Really Work?

In our last post we looked at the nutritional gaps in our food supply and concluded we are overfed yet undernourished, and must consider nutritional supplementation as a solution to today's health challenges. In this post we  continue with a reproduction of an edited version of  a booklet that had a profound effect on my … Continue reading Do Nutritional Supplements Really Work?

Five Myths About Vitamins

Many  years ago, I read a little green booklet that changed my life. It had a very provocative title called, "Your Health is in Danger!" by a very provocative author by the name of Robert G. Allen. In the book, he outlined the 5 "Lies" about vitamin and mineral supplements. I have chosen to call … Continue reading Five Myths About Vitamins