Can Exercise Keep You Young?


Friends, here is a great article from the New York Times with new research coming out of McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario! The studies on rats offers conclusive evidence that exercise not only keeps us young, but also — get this — prevents our gonads from shrinking. Don’t you hate when that happens?

Check out this wonderful article. It is a bit technical, what with the mention of mitochondria and cellular function. But our cells are the basis of all of our bodily functions. So, healthy cells means healthy bodies.

Enjoy this enlightening read which demonstrates how exercise alters the course of aging. It has given me renewed motivation to continue my exercise regimen of 20 minutes of elliptical  cardio, 15 minutes of rebounding and 30 minutes of weight training 3-4 times a week. Share this with someone who needs a boost over the exercise hump.

Live in peace
Walk in love
Be Well,

Ken Waite


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