How to Choose a Quality Nutritional Supplement



Did you know there are over 1500 nutritional supplements to choose from in North America? How do you choose a quality supplement that is right for you? Some shoppers use the à la carte approach, choosing a little of this, a smidgen of that, and a whole lot of those because they’re on sale. They rarely have a specific health goal they’re trying to address and they figure everything’s probably helpful. Simply put, it’s very difficult to create a balanced intake of the required nutrients using this method and, besides, it’s generally far more frustrating and often expensive to do so.

Others will pick a particular supplement and scan its label. Then, they’ll choose another and repeat the procedure, comparing one supplement to the other. And often they’ll ask: “What’s a milligram compared to a microgram? What the heck is an international unit? Why does one brand have twice as much vitamin D as the other? Which supplement is best for me? How do I make sense out of all of this?”

Confusing? You bet. After a while they’ll often just scratch their heads and walk away, or they’ll look at the price and choose the least expensive one, which is rarely a good way to go about picking a supplement.

Recently on the Dr. Oz Show, author, educator and biochemist Lyle MacWilliam, founder of NutriSearch, cleared up the confusion. NutriSearch is a Canadian research house serving the needs of the natural health products industry in the global marketplace. His popular NutriSearch Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements™ series has set the gold standard for evaluating and comparing broad spectrum nutritional products for the benefit of informed consumers.untitled1uy

MacWilliam recommends choosing a broad spectrum nutritional supplement that has been formulated by a knowledgeable and trusted scientific team. This approach ensures that you receive the full range of nutritional components the body needs on a daily basis. It also assures that you select for quality.

Here is a blog he wrote on the Dr. Oz website that goes into more detail on how to choose the best quality nutritional supplements.

In the NutriSearch Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements™ 1500 brands are compared against an blended standard of 18 criteria, and the data is crunched into a Gold Standard Star rating system.
Not only is it shocking how many of over 1,500 brands of vitamins are worthless, but how many of the “well advertised” brands also fit into that category.
Would you want to stay in a 1 Star hotel when you can stay in a 5 Star?
And can you guess whose products were rated 5-Stars and received the Editor’s Choice?
My product partner USANA Health Sciences of course!
In case you missed the Dr Oz episode, here is the segment, where he explains why you need high quality supplements, and how his Comparative Guide was designed to help you choose the highest rated products.

It is in two parts. You can start with Part 1 and it will roll into Part 2 right after the USANA WTA commercial. Or you can click on each link separately.

You can conveniently shop USANA’s 5 Star products at my online store, and  have them shipped right to your door.
Live in peace
Walk in love
Be Well,

Ken Waite

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