Is Stress Slowly Killing You?


People who think I just “sell vitamins” have no idea what I do. I have been a health consultant for 20 years since I switched careers and began my partnership with USANA Health Sciences. In helping people with their health, all of the health advice could be distilled into what could be called a “Health Quad.”

1. Diet – Eating real food and minimizing reliance on packaged or processed food.
2. Supplementation – Our increased toxic environment on the one hand, and the nutrient density of our food diminished on the other, we need to supplement a healthy diet.
3. Exercise – Our body requires movement to remain strong and disease resistant.
4. Avoidance – We have created a toxic chemical soup that we live in, and we must avoid toxic substances that are detrimental to our health as much as we can.

The last few years this Click2Health blog always focuses on one of these four areas to encourage optimal health.

In this post I want to focus on something to avoid that is very toxic, but it is not a substance. It is not a chemical.

It is called STRESS, and it is very damaging to your health.

I know something about stress. I worked in a tough environment with troubled youth and young offenders for almost 20 years. I lived and worked chronically stressed. It eventually took it’s toll on my body. The greatest manifestation of the stress was depression and heart palpitations. I saw a trauma counselor. I got on anti depressants. I took a sick leave from my job for a year. I was told by doctors that if I didn’t get out of there when I did, I would have been carried out on a stretcher.

Not only did I make a career change with USANA Health Sciences, but I made being stress free a priority and changed a lot of how I lived my life.

I was confrontational in my relationships. I changed that approach and found peace.
I was authoritarian in my parenting. I changed that approach too and found more love for my boys. I learned how to live in the present moment, rather than being anxious about the future.

And what do most people stress over the most?

Health and finances!

And so I began a very fruitful career, helping people deal with those two areas of stress in their lives.


Need another thing to get stressed out about? Your stress itself could be making you sick.
It is no secret that stress is damaging to your health. You must at all costs do what you have to do to manage stress.

Here is a great article from WebMD on 10 Health Problems Related to Stress, including heart disease, asthma, diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer’s, accelerated aging and premature death.

The article talks about deep breathing, focusing on the present moment, and reframing an experience to help you manage stress.


If you have a faith in God, activate that faith and find peace. If you believe in the law of attraction, get control of fearful thought projections and made up stories of possible worse case future scenarios. If you don’t love what you are doing, or how you make a living, you need to change that.

One of our USANA doctors, Dr. Heather Tick, on USANA’s blog, gives us some tips for how to relax when stress takes over.

Remember……every day above ground is a good day.

Live in peace
Walk in love
Be Well,

Ken Waite

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