Food and Mood – is there a Connection?

You are probably immune to controversy (pun intended)  when it comes to health and wellness as a reader of this blog. You have already made choices about flu shots, immunization, supplements, organic food, big pharma, and going vegan. Here is another topic that is both cutting edge and controversial - the connection between depression and … Continue reading Food and Mood – is there a Connection?

Can Exercise Keep You Young?

Friends, here is a great article from the New York Times with new research coming out of McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario! The studies on rats offers conclusive evidence that exercise not only keeps us young, but also — get this — prevents our gonads from shrinking. Don’t you hate when that happens? Check out … Continue reading Can Exercise Keep You Young?

The Sleepless Epidemic

Recently I watched a startling documentary called "Sleepless in America", and it's a real eye opener. The film is a collaborative effort among the National Institutes of Health and the National Geographic Channel to bring attention to what can only be called a national epidemic of modern American life – lack of sleep. Now if … Continue reading The Sleepless Epidemic

Should I Take a Multivitamin?

Should I Take a Multivitamin? As I spend time helping people be proactive with their health, this is the question I find most people are asking. What's behind this question is another question: Can't I get all the nutrients I need from just eating a healthy diet? Here is a short video that my friend … Continue reading Should I Take a Multivitamin?

Food Matters, Supplements and Stress

Have you seen the movie "Food Matters"? It's an amazing video about using nutrition rather than drugs to maintain health and combat disease. You can watch the trailer here. They also do a great job showing how you need to supplement a healthy diet because of nutritional gaps created by a compromised food industry. … Continue reading Food Matters, Supplements and Stress

Cell Aging

This week, AMAZING information how lifestyle changes can effect cell aging. Please watch the short 5 minute video. Lifestyle Changes May Lengthen Telomeres, A Measure of Cell Aging Along with eating a diet of REAL food, supplementation is necessary because of the degradation of our food system. We now know we can no longer get … Continue reading Cell Aging

Health and the Aging Brain

One of my biggest concerns I have as I age is my brain. I guess that's because I'm a "mind -based" person. This weeks post is about a new study showing the benefits of substances found in fish oil. I eat fish on a weekly basis, and I also supplement with Fish Oil. The concern … Continue reading Health and the Aging Brain