Compression of Morbidity: The Choice is Yours

"We have developed an attitude in this generation that disease is inevitable. We have forgotten what it is to die of old age. Science knows of no disease caused by the simple passing of time. Instead we mainly die prematurely of damage due to oxidative stress rather than old age. Our generation is living too … Continue reading Compression of Morbidity: The Choice is Yours


Sitting is the new Smoking

  Have you heard about the virtues of standing up while working? Standing up while working makes you more productive and provides health benefits. Research is showing  that standing up while you work, instead of sitting down, is better for your back, hips, knees, ankles, metabolism, and your mind. Sitting is the new smoking! Why … Continue reading Sitting is the new Smoking

Food and Mood – is there a Connection?

You are probably immune to controversy (pun intended)  when it comes to health and wellness as a reader of this blog. You have already made choices about flu shots, immunization, supplements, organic food, big pharma, and going vegan. Here is another topic that is both cutting edge and controversial - the connection between depression and … Continue reading Food and Mood – is there a Connection?

How to Choose a Quality Nutritional Supplement

  Did you know there are over 1500 nutritional supplements to choose from in North America? How do you choose a quality supplement that is right for you? Some shoppers use the à la carte approach, choosing a little of this, a smidgen of that, and a whole lot of those because they’re on sale. … Continue reading How to Choose a Quality Nutritional Supplement

Can Exercise Keep You Young?

Friends, here is a great article from the New York Times with new research coming out of McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario! The studies on rats offers conclusive evidence that exercise not only keeps us young, but also — get this — prevents our gonads from shrinking. Don’t you hate when that happens? Check out … Continue reading Can Exercise Keep You Young?

Happy, Healthy New Year!

Dear friends. During the holiday season, more than ever, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the love and support you have shown, not only in my life but in my business. Thank you to all those who order USANA's amazing products, which provides for me and my family, and for the referrals throughout the year. … Continue reading Happy, Healthy New Year!

The Best Way to Avoid the Flu.

I am going out on a limb here and talking about something that is every bit as controversial as religion, sex, and politics. It's about the flu shot. People have strong opinions on the flu shot, on both sides. I have had people unfriend me on Facebook for my stand against flu shots. There are … Continue reading The Best Way to Avoid the Flu.